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Thanksgiving feast thanks

Never has there been a time that I have been prouder to live in a community then I was before and during the Community Thanksgiving Feast. This was an event hosted by Holy Rosary, but it was truly a work of love and caring from the entire community.

The outpouring of volunteers was amazing. So many, many people were so willing to give up their Thanksgiving to serve others. If you ever doubt the youth of our community, you should have peeked into Holy Rosary the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the day of Thanksgiving and seen all the youth volunteers, many entire families working to serve others. They worked so very hard and did it with a big smile and made our guests feel welcome; it was an awesome sight.

If you are now in the process of shopping for your holiday gifts, you might want to consider all the wonderful things our locally owned merchants do for our community. We were able to serve over 400 people and for those of you who made your holiday dinner know that takes very large amounts of food and preparation and planning. Dan Neumeister and his crew at Central Market were absolutely our main stays. Not only did Dan offer us turkeys and all the trimmings, but he thawed the big birds for us, gathered up all the massive quantities of canned goods, fresh produce and other items necessary to a traditional Thanksgiving feast and delivered them to us. If we forgot something, Dan had us covered. We can't thank Central Market enough for all they did.

So many other businesses were also very generous, like Catholic Aid with napkins and placemats, Imholtes and Lakes Bakery with buns, Gary Disse with more potatoes then you ever want to have to peel, but we got the job done, KDLM and TV 3, DL Newspapers and KRCQ. Organizations like the Knights of Columbus were right in there helping with cooking and preparing the food. The out pour from the public with food, monetary donations and time was so heartwarming.

Serving others during the holidays is a wonderful tradition that this community has committed to doing. The Core Committee that worked on the Community Thanksgiving Feast were very humbled and appreciative of all the people who came forward with donations, in-kind and willingness to serve. We want to thank each and everyone who attended our Community Thanksgiving Feast and all of you who made it possible.