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Time has come for LP-A 'yes' vote

There are familiar Bible verses from Ecclesiastes 3:1. "To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." For those of us who lived our formative years in the 60's, the popular song performed by the Byrds, "Turn, Turn, Turn," revisits those verses.

In my life those words have had special significance time and time again. In times of great joy and in times of sorrow they have helped me put events into perspective.

A recent bright yellow insertion to the Lakes Country Connection Newspaper delivered a very gloomy outlook for our future. The page was bordered by the ideas that Social Security is broke, The USPO and Amtrak are broke, Medicare and Medicaid are broke, the country, state and townships etc., you guessed it, are broke! It hardly seems worth getting up in the morning to face this kind of thinking. How do we endure?

That is where real community enters the picture. In hard times we pull together. We are living those hard times together. When tragedy hits a family we show them they are not alone. We in the LP-A family have witnessed this time and time again. There is a time to come together, and we do!

We have been given a tremendous opportunity to do something great for not only the children of LP-A but for our entire community. With the generous donation of land and the $10.5 million in stimulus money for this specific is our season. Sadly, if the voters reject this proposal, the time to build up will have passed us by, down the road to another deserving school district in Minnesota. If we suffer another failure it may be the time to break down. Please vote Yes for LP-A May 25! -- Connie Jahnke, Audubon