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'Travesty' at Frazee-Vergas

At the Frazee-Vergas School Board meeting on March 12, the main item of discussion was the Marsden Custodial contract and whether to continue it or drop it. After some heated discussion, it was voted to discontinue the contact.

Supt. Cheney had prepared for the board members, a rather detailed account of why the District might be better off going back to hiring our own custodians as we had done for many years. The end result was that where Marsden had claimed that it would save the district $8,000 per year it would appear that Marsden was actually costing us $38,000 more per year.

After the voting determined that Marsden was out, Laine made the following statement and I quote, "I think it is a travesty to walk out on an organization that has done such an outstanding job."

Now I have some questions on travesty! Where was the travesty, Laine, when you and your cohorts ran through a contract extension for Stender when his present contract still had 15 months to go and the hand writing on the wall said that there would very likely be a new school board in place before that contract ever expired? Where was the travesty when you presented to the board, a so called fact sheet extolling the virtues of Chartwells food service, when the actual contract spells out an entirely different set of facts? Where was the travesty when you as board chair, backed Janu and Cook when they insisted that a company in Ohio be given the roofing contract without even considering opening the process to bids. It was only through the undying efforts of Steve Jepson that a bid process did take place and in the end the District saved about $200,000. Where was the travesty?

To me travesty is that people like Laine and Janu sit in judgment of mere citizen-taxpayers and apparently have no concerns about these same citizen-taxpayers.

     Now to me, a "Real Travesty", would be if the voters of this school district were to return these Board Members to office when their terms are done at the end of 2012.

-- Oscar Birkeland, Frazee