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Turn off those screens: Pledge no TV, video games; do something active

It’s time to turn off the television, cell phone and video games and get outside, get active and get interested in something other than screens.

May 5-11 is international Screen Free Week, when kids, families and communities are asked to spend seven days without screens – that means no watching television, no surfing the web, no playing video games and instead reading, creating something, getting active, and simply spending time together.

Several events in Detroit Lakes are helping get kids and adults out there and having some fun.

On Monday, May 5, the Detroit Lakes Public Library hosts activity night beginning at 6:30.

The family fun night will include Twister, board games and art activities.

The following day, a Bike Tune Up will be held at the library with DL Bike Shop owner Dave Langworthy. Come to the library at 5 p.m. and learn how to get your bike ready for the summer.

Then on Wednesday, May 7, Come Be Bored With Me. Being hosted at the Greystone Plaza and Lake Avenue, come hang out for any period of time between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. and just simply be bored.

There’s no activity planned but to just sit and be bored – a moment to relax, if you will.

On Thursday, from 7 to 9 p.m., there will be a dance in the DL Pavilion, which will feature Dance Hall with Carluster Crumplebee Orchestra, a gypsy jazz band. The event is free and open to anyone. Light refreshments will also be served.

Health Zinger with PartnerSHIP 4 Health and Springboard for the Arts said that the work of Kairos Alive, “which is a nationally award winning, arts education and performing arts program that actively engages older adults and intergenerational communities through dance, music and story participation” will show through at the performance.

There is also a meet and greet for Kairos Alive on Wednesday from 4 to 5 p.m. in the DL Library.

For more information on Kairos Alive, visit

Then on Saturday, May 10, the local Midwest Paranormal Files group will talk to kids about paranormal investigating.

“We’ll be going over some local legends, stuff we’ve dug up here at the museum,” MPF member Jeremy Buermann said.

“We’ll play some of the stuff we’re caught,” member Kristy Sletta added.

The group will share previously acquired evidence, demonstrate findings and equipment and offer hands-on experience with the equipment. They will talk about the Cook family massacre, Old Three Legs and more.

The workshop is geared toward kids age 8 and up with parent supervision. The workshop will be held in the Becker County Historical Society.

The group said they are offering the workshop as something fun and different. It is free to participate.

To participate, make a reservation online at

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