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Upside down flag is distress signal, not a sign of disrespect

I am writing in response to a published letter from a Laurel Malmstrom of Henning appearing in the Record on Sept. 30.

She was commenting on how angry she was on seeing an American flag being flown upside down at a Tea Party gathering in Fergus Falls recently.

The flag being flown upside down is by no means a sign of disrespect. It is an age old distress signal used by signalmen (usually seamen) in earlier times.

The current U.S. National debt now stands at a little over 11 trillion dollars, with the bulk of it owed to China.

The Obama administration along with Nancy Pelosi are currently trying very hard to add 2 or 3 trillion dollars to this amount through foolish, out of control spending of our taxpayer dollars.

Our country is broke! This country's economy and future for our kids and grandkids is in dire trouble -- not to mention the same for the Social Security system -- if this out of control spending continues by our politicians who refuse to listen to their constituents.

If these facts don't justify someone flying a distress flag to draw attention to a sinking America and American way of life, I don't know what does.

Most politicians these days don't even read the spending bills they are voting on. The voters need to start holding their representatives accountable before there are many more signs of distress becoming visible in this country. Maybe this is the "change" Obama was talking about.