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U.S. problems: time to jump ship and start running?

The problems our nation faces at present have been fertilized to grow long ago. Long ago when pacifism was the norm. The time for its reaping is due, along with the pain. Similar to the parable of the 10 virgins mentioned in scripture: Five wise and five foolish.

Similar also to the sailor recruit during World War II who didn't take basic training seriously. After graduating from basic he was assigned to a destroyer to be sent into the deep and distant Pacific.

The crew aboard the destroyer was notified that the area they'd be entering was saturated with Japanese mines and submarines.

En route, the recruit now became concerned for his safety. Approaching the captain, he asked, "Suppose a torpedo hits our ship. What will we do?"

"Well," the captain replied, "we may be confronted with a fire aboard that we'll need to extinguish."

"But," the sailor asked, "suppose the damage is so severe that it causes our ship to sink?"

"Then," the captain explained, "we'll have to throw out life rafts and get aboard a raft."

"But," the sailor asked, "suppose the damage is so severe that we haven't time to throw out the rafts?"

"Then," the captain explained, "we'll simply have to jump overboard and swim in hopes an allied ship will come to our rescue."

"Captain," the sailor pleaded, "may I ask just one more question?"

"Sure," came the reply.

"Captain," the sailor asked, "suppose I can't swim?"

The captain hesitated to answer for a moment, then scratching his head, replied, "In that case the only advice I can give you is to jump ship, sink to the bottom and run like hell for shore!" -- Victor Kern, Wadena