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Vets deserve good health care at the V.A.

“The Things They Carried” is a fictional reality based book authored by Mr. Tim O’Brien of Worthington, Minn. A well written account based upon his in-country Vietnam combat experience. “The Things They Carried” is pertinent to combat soldiers of any conflict. The before, during and after wild swings of emotion and collateral damage — you see, we are still carrying “The Things They Carried” and always will. It is a matter of adjustment, containment and reconciliation. A total life-altering experience that is unique to only us. We own it. It is ours. The numerous wanna-be’s attempts to assume its’ value; Oh, but if they could only feel and know the true cost!

The wanna-be’s are political chicken hawks (the sheltered and spoiled ones), the ones that get their tickets punched by lobbyists, with a nominal boost for portfolio managers — the ones that have never had their skin in the game but are pumped up with patriotism and false bravado. The difficulties that arise from the enormous monetary costs — hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars and we constantly hear this mindless drone of tax cuts (is it freedom of free market?).

Our beloved men and women in uniform (the less than one percent of our population) spill their blood and are maimed. All of our veterans rely on the Veterans Affairs (V.A.) Health Care and, yes, monetary compensation in some cases. The V.A. has budget restraints — while the Cheney/Halliburton crowd have open-ended contracts to conduct war and other mischief. Our military is protecting the asses-sets of the Koch brothers and other profiteers, including Keystone. These people have the audacity to whine about big government and the cost of food stamps. Thank you Mr. Paul Ryan and your cronies!

By the way, the F-35 fantasy fighter jet has exceeded $168 billion in cost over-runs — it’s high tech junk! Two thousand four hundred of these things, very few of which will ever be used. We have one hell of a set of screwed up priorities. Photo ops anyone?

The V.A. has budget restraints and has a shortage of personnel at some facilities. Yes, veterans are dying but not for a lack of compassion. All of the V.A. people I know are dedicated and busting their behinds for us. The Republicans obsession is to privatize everything. Paint all situations with a broad brush. For those of you protecting your portfolios with a warped ideology, ask yourself; How many people are dying in the Republican controlled states that have been denied health care? If this breach of oath, Constitutional and otherwise, is acceptable then shame on you!

Maybe an inventory of “The Things They Carried” is long overdue; myself included. — Leland Jenson, Detroit Lakes