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Vote the opposite of newspaper's endorsements

Recent endorsements of political candidates show that newspaper endorsements are an even bigger joke than they normally are. And it seems this newspaper couldn't get themselves to endorse at least one token Republican to show they are "unbiased." Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Despite our nation's and our state's exploding budget deficits, under the DFL-controlled Congress and state legislature, all of the tax and spend democrats are still apparently worthy of being returned to their seats to continue with more of the same.

Take so-called "conservative" Collin Peterson, for example, who voted for and votes with Nancy Pelosi 93 percent of the time. The same Peterson whose 20 years in Congress has helped our national debt quadruple to over $13 trillion, and whose vote for Cap & Trade legislation would, if passed, destroy the sugar beet industry.

Or take Keith Langseth's 30 years or Paul Marquart's 10 years where they have managed to balloon Minnesota's deficit to where it is now looming at $6 billion. Term limits anyone? Unless you want more of the same, I say it's time they go home to pasture.

Republicans have a slate of candidates who know full well that government must learn to live within its means, that the future of our state and nation absolutely depends on it. These constitutional conservatives are: Lee Byberg for U.S. Congress; Jeff Backer for State Senate District 9; Ben Grimsley for State House District 9B, Dennis Moser for State Senate District 2; Steve Green for State House District 2A; and Gretchen Hoffman for State Senate District 10.

The credentials of these great candidates make them more than worthy of your vote, and the fact the desperate, uninformed, liberal-biased newspaper endorsed all of their opponents makes the case for choosing them even stronger. Take this letter to the polls with you, and if you want to throw some more bums out, be sure to vote for these great candidates for State Supreme Court Judge: Tim Tingelstad, Greg Wersal and Dan Griffith.

Yes, we can take our state and our country back! -- Gerry Schiller, Waubun