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Vote in township elections, stop unnecessary spending

At its regular monthly meeting, Burlington Township did it again.

They essentially gave the checkbook to an engineering firm to do a job. The board was briefed on the work that had been done so far and what the next step was.

The board needed to decide if they were going to hold to the road specifications set by themselves or deviate to allow for steeper back slopes. What was going to happen with this driveway and that driveway?

After explaining several things, it came down to getting things done. Who was going to talk to the landowners about work outside the right of way? Who would take care of permits? Who is going to make sure it gets built the way it is planned?

I surely would not be able to be out there nor would I know for sure if it is built the way it is supposed to be built, was the response from Everette Hoskins.

All of these questions were answered with another question to the engineer. Well can you do it? Sure, he said. I can do that. No mention of how much would it cost or anything. Simply get it done. The initial estimate to simply do the grading work and materials was $25,000. This did not include the engineering costs already expended or the costs to complete the remainder of the project.

The engineer then presented a preliminary estimate for the resurfacing of Eagle Lake Road. His estimate was $227,000, but there were several questions on doing additional work. Strange enough, this same engineer had made a verbal recommendation to the board August of 2007 to seal coat the road only.

When I questioned this report at the annual meeting last March, none of the board could recall such a report. So not knowing of any such report, they reported to those in attendance that the road needed to be resurfaced because it is falling apart. It has been over 20 years and it is busting up. I travel this road often and have spoken with several people along this road and no one knows why such a project is being pursued.

I have spoken with the county road superintendent and he does not feel an overlay is warranted. When I spoke with one of the supervisors and asked him to be honest with me and tell me where this is coming from, he spoke of the sag areas. The sag areas have shown up in the last six to eight years and are not busting up. The only reason to do this work is to improve the ride of the road. The road has a speed limit of 30 mph. These slight dips are no reason to be doing a full-fledged resurface.

Let's go with the recommendation of the local engineer and do a simple seal coat to preserve what we have. We need stimulus jobs to get the economy going again. Do the residents of Burlington Township want to keep digging deeper into their pockets to fund additional stimulus packages though? I, for one, am not in favor of such spending. Please support me in my effort to become Town Board Supervisor. Vote March 10, 5 to 8 p.m. at the Frazee Fire Hall to stop this unnecessary spending!