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Vote 'yes' for LP-A

It's hard to believe we have to talk about this again. As a former LP-A High School student, I can recall the days of the consolidation with great apprehension and triumph. It took so much time and effort from the whole community to show how much we love our school, our kids, and teachers.

Over a decade later, we find ourselves trying to overcome another obstacle -- improving our facilities. Our schools are deteriorating, outdated and need more than repairing.

People around the area must read the papers and hear new stories relating to LP-A and wonder, why can't LP-A get it together? Why would anyone want to move to a community that doesn't support its' kids? What teacher would feel secure working in a school with such a questionable future? Ten and a half million dollars! What kind of community would reject that kind of help?

Our family of four is moving back to the Lake Park area in a few weeks. I know there are a great number of people who do support LP-A. We are counting on these people to recognize the importance of this vote. The impact of it will reshape the community we hope to call home once again.

My four-year-old son has wanted to be a Raider since he could talk. His heroes just happen to be on the Raider football, basketball, wrestling, track, and baseball teams. He has an LP-A Raider poster on his bedroom wall, Raider clothing hangs in his closet ready for the next game. He calls the Metrodome the "Raider Dome" after attending a football game where the Raiders were playing for state. I never thought he would be a Raider. Now he gets the chance. As his mother, I am so proud that he feels such loyalty towards this school. But it breaks my heart that he is unaware of the possible outcome. If this vote fails, so could LP-A.

We cannot put a band-aid on our school, let's do it right this time. Let's make sure the future for LP-A is solid and here for upcoming generations. Please vote yes. -- Ellen Harris, Fergus Falls