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This voter feels cheated by GOP focus on social issues

The election of 2010 was a Bait and Switch.

Republican Tea Party candidates ran on creating jobs. After they took office they switched to social issues. Disenfranchisement of the poor and vulnerable, gun rights, union busting, abortion, gay marriage, and defunding education are the issues the Republican Tea Partiers have pushed in the Minnesota State Legislature.

Check the record of the senator some voted into office in the Tenth District. Has she put forth any job creation or economic stimulus ideas or bills? She was the "business experience expert entrepreneur" candidate who ran on her business background, boasting to anyone who would listen about her businesses in North Dakota. Was she promoting the Minnesota business climate? She was not.

Instead, she is a proponent of the Tea Party, which proposed cutting the budget for job creation efforts by more than 50 percent, to cut workforce development, and to cut the Trade Office by more than 30 percent. The result would be a loss of 754 jobs.

Is this what you thought you were getting when you cast your vote for Gretchen Hoffman? Or, by now, do you realize you were handed a Bait and Switch? You know the answer. -- LaRon Bayliss Adkins, Battle Lake