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Why did you vote no to the Heartland Trail, Rep. Green?

A question for MN State House 2B Representative Steve Green: Mr. Green, I know you are a very proud Minnesota citizen and representative of our region. Why did you vote against the bonding bill that provides needed funding for the completion of the Heartland Trail between Detroit Lakes and Frazee?

The Trail is an asset important to the area and most of it has already been completed. Frazee and DL businesses will welcome the additional income this project will bring. Why did you vote against it?

The Trail is a tourism enhancement for our area and will tie in nicely with the Detroit Mountain recreational project. This is an economic boost and will benefit the region. Why did you vote against it?

I would appreciate a public response to this, sir. I don’t mince words and you shouldn’t either. — Leland Jenson, Detroit Lakes