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Puppet pageant set

The New York Mills Regional Cultural Center will present its 2008 Puppet Pageant on Friday, Aug. 15 at 6 p.m.

Life-size puppets will be featured in a story about the harvest time. These puppet figures will be reminiscent of such figures as those used at the 2007 Solstice Pageant at

Grand Marais.

A puppet workshop, which began Aug. 4 and will continue through the day of the pageant, for teachers, artists, community members with strong interest in the arts, and for kids.

The workshops are being led by puppet master Annie Katsura Rollins, a master of fine arts student at the University of Minnesota.

The culmination of the workshops will be a puppet pageant presented at the corn feed celebration in New York Mills on Aug. 15.

The curriculum includes finger and sock puppets, hand and glove puppets, masks and large scale puppets. Topics to be covered include puppetry in education, storytelling, incorporating puppets into everyday learning and structured play, puppet design and construction techniques, puppet performance, community building with puppets, puppetry and dance movement.

In addition to Katsura, dance instructor CarriAnn Pollard will teach dance movement and choreography; Pam Robinson, artist from New York Mills, will teach "puppetry in the classroom"; and Elisa Korenne and a group of local musicians will integrate music into the pageant.

There is no cost for kids who attend these workshops. Adults are welcome. Call 218-385-3339 for more information.