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Audio book 'Fuzzy Navel' is good company on road

You finally got the guest room painted. There's a new comforter on the bed, and it looks so cushy, it almost screams "Take a nap!" There are fresh curtains on the windows, and you're ready for guests.

Famous last request.

The calls come in just about every week and before you know it, your calendar is planned through February with more friends and family than you knew you had. Don't you love having company?

In the new audio book, "Fuzzy Navel" by J.A. Konrath, Jacqueline Daniels has a brand-new house just filled with people. And that's not necessarily a good thing at all.

A house in the country is a dream for many, but for Detective Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels, it was a dream for her mother. Mary always wanted to live outside of town, and because Jack was a cop on the Chicago Police Department and was supposed to live within the city limits, this new house meant some fancy secret-keeping.

But isolation in the country has its drawbacks. When Jack's old nemesis, twisted and murderous Alex Kork, came looking for Jack and instead found Mary alone, Kork knew it was a matter of time before Jack came home. In the meantime, she could have fun with Mary. A little torture does wonders for a girl.

Back in Chicago, Jack had her hands full. Snipers were killing seemingly-random citizens and she had a shot at solving the crime - literally. The snipers had Jack, partner Herb, and several CPD officers pinned down, but Jack was as sharp a shooter as were the snipers. She knew they had an impressive arsenal, but she didn't know they had GPS technology, and she didn't know they tagged her car.

When Jack arrived home and saw Kork with a gun trained on Mary and Latham (Jack's fiancé), Kork was gleeful. And when she forced Jack to summon Harry (Jack's former partner) and Phin (an arrest-cum-friend), Kork was beside herself. She could wreak vengeance and kill everyone, all in one stop.

But she wasn't alone in wanting revenge on Jacqueline Daniels. The welcome mat wasn't out, but Jack was about to have lots of company.

I really do love listening to author J.A. Konrath's books when I drive. It seems like I get in my car, slip the CD in the player, back down the driveway, blink once, and the next thing I know, I'm at my destination. Seriously, Konrath's "Jack Daniels" novels are that absorbing.

"Fuzzy Navel," the fifth in the series, is somewhat different than the past novels. This book is a little less gruesome (which isn't to say it's tame, because it's not tame at all) and there's double the action of the other books.

Dang it, too, there's a scream-in-irritation cliff-hanger that almost guarantees you'll be standing at the door of your favorite bookstore next summer so you know what happens next.

Send everybody home, lock the doors, take the phone off the hook, and give a listen to this delicious mystery. "Fuzzy Navel" in audio is plenty good company.


Terri Schlichenmeyer is the author of the Detroit Lakes Newspapers book review column, "The Bookworm Sez." Schlichenmeyer has been reading since she was three years old, and never goes anywhere without a book. She lives in West Salem, Wis., with her two dogs and 9,000 books.