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Japanese artist on display at Trinty Lutheran

Artist Jessica Magnus-Rockeman gave demonstrations for high school students, and now her work is on display in trinity Lutheran Church, DL, for the rest of the month.

On Friday, Nov. 13, David Balfour's Beginning Drawing students at Detroit Lakes High School had the opportunity to visit with Jessica (Jack) Magnus-Rockeman, an illustrator, watercolor artist and graphic designer.

Magnus was born in Japan and grew up in Australia, Ireland, the US and Germany. The art demonstration and visit by is part of the "Meet the Artist" Program put together by the Music & Arts Program of Trinity Lutheran Church, led by Mark Berg.

The kids enjoyed challenging Jack with impromtu drawing requests, which she easily made on a white board. Also, Jack taught the students about drawing techniques, and about the growing demand for artists in areas such as advertising, the gaming industry, and in design.

As a part of the Trinity Music & Arts Program, is the exhibition of the artist's work at Trinity Lutheran Church. For the second half of November and three weeks in December, (Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and Sundays from 8 a.m. until noon), her works and prints are available for viewing throughout Trinity Lutheran Church, located at 1401 Madison Avenue, Detroit Lakes.

The themes of her illustrations and watercolors are wide and varied, but often described as "whimsical." Her work is on the cover of the September 2009 Royal Journal of Curiosities.

She illustrated the children's book "Penina's Doll Factory" by Miriam Walfish, and her watercolor, "Bus Stop," received the North Dakota First Lady's Choice Award.

Jack resides with her husband, Karl, in Richardton, N.D., along with two cats and four dogs and subsides on a mostly caffeine diet. She is often found working her art and graphic design studio, 4 Dog Arts. She holds AAS in CGI & graphic communications and a BA in history.

For more information, contact Mark Berg at Trinity Lutheran Church in Detroit Lakes.