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ITOW museum exhibit recalls Holocaust

Since 1980, there has been an internationally-recognized day each year designated as Holocaust Remembrance Day. In 2010, that day was April 11.

Holocaust Remembrance Day was established as a day to remember the victims of the Holocaust and to remind all of us what can happen to civilized people when bigotry, hatred and indifference reign.

Throughout the month of April, the ITOW Veterans Museum in Perham has been hosting an exhibit from Holocaust Museum Houston called "Questionable Issue."

The exhibit includes ninety pieces of scrip (money) issued in 12 concentration camps.

Holocaust currency is a subject that few people know about. There are only a handful of survivors who recall the existence of scrip in the camps and ghettos. The Nazis made it illegal for residents of the camps and ghettos to have hard currency and required that money be "exchanged" for scrip.

In reality, the scrip was worthless as there was nothing for prisoners to buy inside the camps, and it had no value outside the camps. The purpose for issuing scrip was to create the façade that prisoners were being paid for their labor and treated well.

It has been over 60 years since the Holocaust but it is a time that survivors, particularly veterans who served in World War II, will never forget.

The ITOW Veterans Museum is located at 805 West Main, Perham. Hours are Monday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 1-4. For more information call 218 346-7678 or visit