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Polar Pete poetry contest winners share poems

Winning entries from 2011 Polar Pete poetry contest, held during the Polar

Fest celebration, include:

Grades 3-5 category

• First place by Emma Disse, 5th grade

Polar Pete

Polar Pete

ran the 5K run

He ended up

number 1!

After Polar Pete was

named number 1

Polar Pete

had some Plunging fun!

In the end

Polar Pete had

little frozen

Polar feet!

• Second place by Emily Smith, 4th grade

Polar P-P-P-Pete

Polar P-P-P-Pete had freezy f-f-f-feet

there was no h-h-h-heat

In the f-f-f-frosty air Pete saw a b-b-b-bear

She had a c-c-c-cub his name was B-B-B-Bub

They saw a sign for polar F-F-F-Fest with a bear in a polka-dot v-v-v-vest

They decided to g-g-g-go deep down in the s-s-s-snow

We should do the freeze your buns r-r-r-race,

Bub got frost bite on his f-f-f-face

Skiing down the h-h-h-hill, Pete got a ch-ch-ch-chill

We had a b-b-b-blast we said at l-l-l-last

• Fourth place by Wyatt Carlson, 4th grade

Polar Pete

Polar Pete a bear so grand

Lives his Life in a frozen land

Seals and penguins a tasty treat

A wonderful time that can't be beat

A bear that prefers snow over sand,

Still stands today in a frozen land

Grades 6-8 category

• First place by Kendra Gilsdorf, 1st place

Polar Pete's Winter Week

Cover up with a blanket and put slippers on your feet, I'm going to tell you the story of Polar Pete.

Now up where it is icy and cold, is where Polar Pete's story starts to unfold.

When he was about to go to bed, an ad on the TV came on just then.

It read: Come out to Detroit Lakes to see all the fun that winter makes.

Grab your skis, skates ... and fishing poles too.

It's going to be so exciting you're going to scream whooo hooo!

Without a moment to lose he grabbed all his stuff and started galloping down the white fluff.

When he showed up, the people all seemed to stare, murmuring, "What's with the big bear?"

Polar Pete stared back, confused, "What, is there something in my hair?"

He walked onto the ice, "Man the weather seems very nice!"

They all stared at him in awe and watched him start to play, but they finally showed him how to do it their way.

They showed him ice golf, the freeze your buns run, the plunge and so much more fun, until the week was finally done.

The crowd cheered, and he looked at them and asked, "Can we do it next year?"

• Second place by Mia Martinez, Grade 6

'Twas the Night Before Polar Fest:

Twas the night before Polar Fest, and all throughout the town

The citizens of Detroit Lakes were bustling around.

They were all making sure that everything was ready and good

And preparing for Polar Fest as best they could.

Still the adults were laughing, grinning from ear to ear,

And shouting out greetings for everyone to hear.

While the children were jumping with joy and with glee,

In hopes that Polar Pete they would soon see.

For Polar Pete was a bear that everybody loved.

All enjoyed seeing him, and everyone wanted to give him a hug.

Dear Polar Pete was quite a bear, so fluffy and white

And his extraordinary personality was such a great delight.

He had a great big heart, and was sweet and kind.

A better polar bear would be very hard to find.

So, as the townsfolk slept soundly, that cold winter's night,

They dreamt of seeing Polar Pete. Oh, what a wonderful sight!

When they awoke, they jumped out of their beds,

And traded their pajamas for winter clothes, instead.

For 'twas the first day of Polar Fest, and all throughout the town

The citizens of Detroit Lakes were excitedly bustling around.

The children were bursting, so overcome with glee,

Because Polar Pete they could now see.

• Third place by Connor Haugrud

Acrostic Poem:

Polar Fest is

On Feb. 11-20, 2011.

Last year was

A huge blast of fun. You can

Run in the 5Krun. Polar

Fest is the place to be

Everyone should come just

Stop by and you

Too will have FUN!

Adult division

• First place by Nicky Courneya

In the middle of the winter,

A white bear named Pete,

Traveled to Detroit Lakes

with a spirit to compete.

He dove in the lake

Splish! Splash! Glub! Glub!

Then his bear butt ran

To the hot, hot tub!

He raced with the humans

In the Freeze Your Buns Run;

If it hadn't been so slippery,

He knew he would've won!

He next explored the lakes

On a cross country ski,

And shot a hole in one

At the annual Ice Tee.

He tried his luck at fishing,

Bowled a turkey on the ice;

On ice skates, a triple Lutz

Jump! Jump! He did it twice!

At night he danced a jig,

Boom! Boom! A fireworks display,

Then joined a snowmobile race

On the very next day.

As temperatures keep dropping,

Shiver! Shiver! Brrr! Brrr!

And snow blows from the North;

He recommends you wear fur!

Come to DL to join us;

If you don't, you are a fool.

As Polar Pete will tell you,

In our town, "Winter is Cool!"

• Second place by Hans Gilsdorf

"The Ballad of Polar Pete"

Grab a hot cocoa and take a seat,

and I'll tell you the story of Polar Pete.

Now way up north where the Twin Forks meet,

lives a flannel wearing, white bear, named Polar Pete.

And this Pete's a winter loving soul,

who lives to play in the snow, to the full.

He skis, skates, fishes and sleds,

from dawn 'til long after others have gone to bed.

One day, many years past, Polar Pete got a whiff of a DL thrill,

Grabbed his winter gear, came down the hill.

The setting for this winter fest

a place that still rivals the best,

Was a town called Detroit Lakes

Known for its people and the fun winter makes.

The town folk had heard of this Polar Pete to arrive,

who possessed a lust for the cold that made him thrive.

With events, gatherings and fun scheduled for those winter hearty,

Polar Pete joined in, and for all involved, it was one big icy party.

A week's worth of cold weather events carefully planned,

Polar Pete found them all to be quite grand.

The love for winter grew and grew,

Polar Pete enjoyed his time with many friends brand new.

Sadly, such as snow in the spring, the week came to an end

But for Polar Pete and the people of Detroit Lakes, together they fashioned a yearly trend.

The time came for the final good bye,

Throughout the town, not a single dry eye.

For even the Mayor couldn't help but shed a tear,

Polar Pete stepped forward, shook his hand said, "Winter fun, same time next year."

Grand prize winner

•By Bethany Steile, Grade 6

Here's an activity

I love the best,

the one and the

only, Polar Fest!

Just come on and

join Polar Pete,

Remember the fun

Can't be beat!

There's lots of things

to do that are fun,

for example, the

Freeze Your Buns run!

You can also participate

in the famous Polar Plunge

where you can soak up

water just like a sponge!

Polar Fest is an activity

That's a real lot of fun, so bring all your friends and family, there's room for everyone!