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Inaugural Hair Ball set for March 11

The Marshmallow Foundation in Detroit Lakes is getting ready to cough up its very first Hair Ball.

The inaugural Hair Ball is a fundraising event for the non-profit animal shelter, which is located in the Lucky Dog building.

The Hair Ball is set for Sunday, March 11, at Zorbaz from 4 to 8 p.m.

"It's actually more like the anti-ball because nobody dresses up," explained Marshmallow Foundation Administrative Director Jessica Honer. "It's just a chance for people to come out to Zorbaz and relax, have a good time and raise money for a good cause."

Tickets for the event are $25, and includes entry into the back area of Zorbaz, an appetizer, pizza buffet and one drink.

There will also be games of chance including a meat raffle and silent auction.

"We've gotten a really nice quilt donated, as well as a bagger push mower," said Honer, adding that they're still looking for more silent auction items.

Honer says local banks have donated money for the Hair Ball. "And what we're going to do is have bags of money that people can buy tickets for a chance at, and one of them will have $500 in it," she said, "so that should be really fun."

There will also be musical entertainment provided by some of the Marshmallow Foundation members. "Some of our people are musicians, so there'll be some singing," said Honer, adding that they didn't want to cut into their animals' profits by hiring entertainment.

The Marshmallow Foundation holds a few other fundraising events throughout the year in an attempt to keep up with the never-ending string of stray animals that pass through their doors. The shelter holds strays from six cities -- Detroit Lakes, Audubon, Waubun, Lake Park, Frazee and Callaway.

"When they're found, they're brought here where we hold them for five days," said Honer, "and then if they're not claimed we'll make sure they get all their vaccinations and we'll put them up for adoption."

Currently the shelter is housing 35 cats and 20 dogs, which is the maximum capacity for the facility.

Last year, the Marshmallow Foundation had roughly 400 animals come through their shelter -- some were claimed, many were adopted out.

"The cats rarely get claimed though; I think we maybe had one cat claimed last year," said Honer, who says they suspect it's sometimes the owners who will drop the animals off, claiming they found it somewhere.

"It's sad," she added. "A shelter animal is probably going to be the most grateful animal to have, too -- they're just so happy to have a home."

Since the shelter is "low kill," only animals that are very sick and suffering will be euthanized -- all others stay until somebody wants them, which Honer says has sometimes been a couple of years for some.

"They're just getting dumped and nobody wants to take care of them -- we even have pure bred dogs that nobody claimed," she said. "The need is just so big."

The foundation also accepts WeCare receipts and cans for recycling as a way to scrape up every last dime they can to feed the animals. "Right now we're in desperate need of dog food, kitty litter and bleach," said Honer.

Tickets for the Hair Ball fundraiser can be purchased at Lucky Dog (located in the Industrial Park), and also at the door of the event.

For more information or to get tickets, call 847-9040. To get a sneak peak at the animals up for adoption, log onto