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Relive your childhood memories at the library

Remember those wonderful school recesses playing marbles with your pals? How about the hours and hours spent reading comic books? If you are lucky enough to have saved items from days gone by and are curious about identification and/or worth, or are reconnecting with your childhood memories by choosing to replace the items, your library is the place to visit for collectible price guides such as those featured below.

"Marble Mania," edited by Stanley A. Block.

This expanded 2nd edition is the definitive guide to marble collecting, with over 1,400 color photographs identifying marbles. It features the main areas of interest on makers and manufacturers of marbles made of stone, minerals, and early hand- and machine-made glass. It covers many games, toys, and other uses for marbles; and includes a useful glossary, listing of clubs, societies, marble shows, and museums. All the winners of the U.S. National Marble Tournaments are listed. The value of each marble is suggested for general reference.

"Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 41," by Robert M. Overstreet.

Since 1970, The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide has been the definitive guide for comic collectors and dealers alike. Includes all-new insights, features, and data, along with the most comprehensive listing of comics and new entries in the "Overstreet Hall of Fame." Perfect for both new collectors and seasoned enthusiasts. Acclaimed artist Walter Simonson (Thor, Orion, Starslammers) supplies the Thor cover.