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Auditions for CBS’s ‘Big Brother’ coming to Fargo

The CBS reality show Big Brother wants you!

The longest-standing reality show on television is sending its casting crew to Fargo to recruit its newest batch of reality stars.

“And we know Detroit Lakes is only about an hour away, and so we wanted everyone there to know about this,” said Big Brother Casting Director Robyn Kass, who has been with the show since the second year of its 15-year run.

The open call will be held Saturday, March 23 at Fargo Billiards and GastroPub from noon to 3 p.m.

According to Kass, those interested in being on the show should just show up and be ready to answer some questions.

“We look for all types of people and energies,” said Kass, “people who are super opinionated, people who are emotional, enthusiastic, competitive … all of those things that comes to mind when you think of reality TV.”

Fargo is one of only 15 places in the country where the show’s producers are holding open calls.

Out of those 15 places they hope to find roughly 12 to 15 people to star in season 15, which begins filming the last week of June.  How long each person stays varies, as they face elimination from week to week.

“The winner at the end wins $500,000” said Kass, adding that the others get a modest weekly stipend as long as they remain on the show.

“But at least you get to spend time in beautiful, sunny California in a nice house with a nice pool,” said Kass, who says cast members are completely cut off from the outside world.  No internet, no newspaper, and no talking to family and friends back home.  They are in complete isolation aside from other cast members.

“And really, that’s what can often times cause a lot of the emotion that the contestants display,” said Kass, who says cameras are set up in the house and streamed live via the internet 24-7.  A recap of the week’s events is then aired twice a week on CBS with a live elimination once a week.

Contestants must be 21-years old or older, but other than that, there aren’t any prerequisites.

Big Brother has never been to Fargo before, so Kass says she doesn’t know what to expect in terms of people auditioning, but she says they can get anywhere from 100 to 500 people at each location.

She says they chose Fargo because every year they try to switch up the dynamic, and are hoping somebody from this area might bring that.

So what sets that special person apart from the rest of the applicants?

“I tell people to be themselves; don’t come prepared to be the villain or the nice person if you’re not,” said Kass, “don’t give us answers you think we want to hear … just be yourself.”