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Celebrate bravery on Mayflower Day, Sept. 16

The first immigrants to America left Plymouth, England on Sept. 16, 1620 for America.

Did you know there is a Mayflower Day every Sept. 16 to celebrate the brave men and women that sailed that day?

They came in search of a place where they could enjoy religious freedom and continue their culture and customs.

Read their story at your library!

“Making Haste From Babylon: The Mayflower Pilgrims and the World: a New History,” by Nick Bunker.

The Pilgrims were entrepreneurs as well as evangelicals, political radicals as well as Christian idealists.

“Making Haste from Babylon” tells their story in unrivaled depth, from their roots in religious conflict and village strife at home to their final creation of a permanent foothold in America.

“Mayflower 1620: A New Look at a Pilgrim Voyage,” by Plimoth Plantation, Peter Arenstam, John Kemp, Catherine O’Neill Grace, and Sisse Brimberg.

Plimoth Plantation and the National Geographic Society come together to tell the true story behind the legendary voyage of the Mayflower.

A meticulously researched work, Mayflower 1620 offers children a compelling, fresh account of this much-told story.

Vibrant photography of a rare reenactment using the Mayflower II leads readers imaginatively into the narrative.

The vivid and informative text explores the story behind the exhibits at the living-history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Primary sources record what the voyagers wore, what they ate, and telling details of their journey.

First-person accounts reveal the hopes and dreams they carried. Readers share in the long hours at sea, and in the dangers faced after landfall.

Extensive end notes, a map, a detailed chronology, and a bibliography round out the full story of the Mayflower.

Library happenings

• Tuesday, Sept. 17: Kindle eReader Class, 10:30 a.m.

Learn to download books from the LARL Digital Library to your Kindle ereader device. Come prepared with your library card number and you Amazon account password. Class size is limited to 6 people. Call, stop by or e-mail to register.

• Tuesday, Sept. 17: Library Book Club, 3 p.m.

This month’s selection is “The Light Between Oceans” by M. L. Steadman. All are welcome to attend.

• Wednesday, Sept. 18: Becca Barniskis, Poetry & Writing Workshop, 2 p.m.

Get in touch with your inner poet! Renowned Minnesota poet Becca Barniskis will teach one-hour creative writing workshops. Becca is the author of several books and is the editor of “The Teaching Artist Journal.” Becca’s workshops are fun and everyone becomes a writer! She is an artist in residence in the schools in the twin cities area and works with the Perpich Center for the Arts.

• Wednesday, Sept. 18: Christian Book Club, 6:30 p.m.

This month’s selection is the first book in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “The Fellowship of the Ring.” All are welcome to attend.

• Thursday, Sept. 19 and Saturday, Sept. 21: Preschool Storytime, 10:30 a.m.

Join us Thursdays and Saturdays for preschool storytime! Includes theme related stories, fingerplays and a simple craft.

• Thursday, Sept. 19: LEGOs at the Library, 3:45 p.m.

LEGOs, snacks and door prizes for kids at the library after school.

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