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Danell Haspel: Explore autumn’s delights at DL Library

The fall equinox will occur today (Sunday, Sept. 22). The word equinox, in Latin, means “equal night.” There will be an equal number of day hours and night hours, at 12 each. 

The fall equinox kicks off the autumn season for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and spring for those in the southern hemisphere. So dig the potatoes, harvest the pumpkins and squash, and proceed with all the wonderful fall activities you love!

“Count Down to Fall,” by Fran Hawk.

‘Count Down to Fall’ is available at the Detroit Lakes Public Library

Count backwards from 10 to one during one of the most colorful times of year: fall.

Learn about the bright, colorful leaves and the trees from which they fall: aspen, birch, maple, oak, chestnut, linden, pine, beech, dogwood, and sweet gum.

Watch the animals frolicking in the crisp, autumn air as they get ready for the approaching cold winter.

The For Creative Minds educational section includes: Plant parts; leaves, the shape of it all; what good are plants?; and a match the leaves activity.

“The Harvest Eating Cookbook:  More Than 200 Recipes for Cooking with Seasonal Local Ingredients,” by Keith Snow.

“The Harvest Eating Cookbook” is the manual for “Harvest Eating,” and encourages the reader to use foods that are fresh and in-season, and to prepare them using whole, natural ingredients.

The more than 200 easy, delicious recipes are identified by season to emphasize the importance of buying fresh ingredients.

It includes a do-it-yourself chapter, called “Cookenomics,” that provides the reader with easy-to-follow instructions for making some staples at home (such as sausage, ground beef, mayonnaise, pickles, yogurt, ice cream and canned vegetables) in order to avoid the processed foods that fill our supermarkets today.

Includes a climactic zone chart that tells when certain foods are available in each region.

Library happenings

  • Monday, Sept. 23: Beginning Genealogy, 3 p.m. Want to research your family history? Aren’t sure where to start? Come to the Beginning Genealogy class in Detroit Lakes Library’s meeting room.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 24: Craigslist Basics, 10:30 a.m. Have some stuff you want to sell but don’t have enough for a rummage sale and don’t want to do any shipping? Sign up for this class to learn about selling and buying on Craigslist, a no frills way to get rid of your unwanted treasures. Call, stop by or email to register. Class size is limited.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 24: Roger Radley, Comedian, 2 p.m. Roger Radley started out his career majoring in Pre-Law and Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin. But after graduation, a co-worker convinced Roger to join a comedy group, and in no time, Roger had won the American Dream world finals in Atlantic City in a competition against over 400 comedians from all over the U.S. Since then, he has produced a radio show, portrayed NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace in the movie “Dare to Dream” and shared the stage with Waylon Jennings, Tom Jones, B.B. King, Paula Poundstone, Willie Nelson, and George Carlin. His audiences love the down-to-earth and completely clever comedy of Roger Radley!
  • Tuesday, Sept. 24: Library Club, 3 p.m. Enjoy a special program, and lively conversation with fellow library lovers. All are welcome to attend.
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