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‘Minnesota’s Lost Towns’ author in NYM Thursday

Author Rhonda Fochs will be discussing her book “Minnesota’s Lost Towns” this Thursday, Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. at the Cultural Center in New York Mills.

There is no charge for this event, and everyone is invited to learn about the history of our region through learning about the people and places that have been lost to us.

Fochs’ book takes us on a trip into Minnesota history and visits nearly 150 northern Minnesota lost towns.

Learn how these towns were created, grew and prospered, and why they died, where they were located ,and what you’ll see there today.

Fochs has been traveling the state in search of lost towns, lost stories and the people who created them.

“Minnesota’s Lost Towns: Northern Edition,” was published in mid-May this year. This is the first in what the author hopes will become a series.

“I wanted to tell folks about the people and the places,” Fochs said. “It’s the story of people and places that are fun to read — I tried to capture the interest and personality of each town.

“We’re all connected to these towns in some way,” she added.

“We’ve driven through them, our ancestors came from them. History is right in our own backyards.”