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Auxiliary to offer kids' safety books

The American Legion Auxiliary Unit 15 is set to introduce a personal safety and education program to students grades 3-6.

The Auxiliary will present each student with a copy of Personal Safety For Kids, a 136-page handbook that features information about safety in the home, at school, in traffic, on the street, at play and among strangers.

Produced by Gateway Community Safety Net, the program contains lessons and fun exercises that reinforce the rules of self-production. Also included is an educational DVD that features animated characters, interactive games and quizzes. It connects to the Community Safety Net Web site, where kids can enter online and win great prizes. The materials have been provided thanks to generous support of local businesses and organizations.

Every day, more than 43,000 North American children are injured seriously enough to need emergency room attention. According to the World Health Organization, "almost all accidents are preventable and education is the most effective way to prevent them."

Contact: Dawn Mattson, president of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 15, 847-8533.