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Take a peek at the world of glitz and glamour at the DL Library

Vanity Fair magazine recently released Tales of Hollywood, a compilation of stories behind the creation of some of Tinseltown's biggest movie epics. It's one of several books about the lives of the world's rich and famous that are available at the Detroit Lakes Library.

It's no secret, Americans are infatuated with celebrities!

If you need proof, you haven't been paying attention to the media since the end of June. With all the media exposure, it's hard to ignore the "Michael Jackson frenzy" created by the pop singer's untimely death.

According to MTV's Gil Kaufman, "since his passing... [Michael Jackson] has once again become the most dominant musical figure on the planet."

The media has tried, and has been successful in, comparing Michael Jackson to another legend, Elvis Presley. Presley, by the way, is the top-earning dead celebrity generating $49 million for his estate. Also included on the list of top-earners are "recognizable one-name wonders" like Marilyn and Warhol.

The Detroit Lakes Library wants to hook you up with your favorite celebs, whether it's music CDs or books. The following are a sampling of books we have available here at your library:

• Don't Mind If I Do, by George Hamilton and William Stadiem. Don't let that tanned, handsome, charming surface fool you. Beneath the bronzed façade is a mischievous mind with a wicked wit. George Hamilton doesn't miss a thing. With a front row seat for classic Hollywood's biggest secrets and scandals, George has the intelligence, heart, and unflappable spirit to tell his story, and the story of Tinsel town's heyday, with great good humor and delicious candor -- as only he can.

From "Where the Boys Are" to "Dancing with the Stars;" from Mary Pickford to Elizabeth Taylor; from small-town Arkansas to the capitals of Europe -- it's all here, and George has lived to tell and to laugh about it.

• Vanity Fair's Tales of Hollywood; Rebels, Reds, and Graduates and the Wild Stories behind the Making of 13 Iconic Films. The stories behind the stories of some of Hollywood's most iconic movies! The magazine world's monthly arbiter of culture, personality, and world affairs, Vanity Fair has always offered the definitive insider's look at Hollywood power and glamour since its relaunch 25 years ago.

Now, for the first time ever, Vanity Fair presents a one-of-a-kind collection featuring thirteen behind-the- scenes stories on some of cinema's most iconic films -- including pictures as varied as "All About Eve," "Cleopatra," "Sweet Smell of Success," "Rebel Without a Cause" and "Saturday Night Fever."

For pop-culture fanatics and movie buffs alike, "Vanity Fair's Tales of Hollywood" is an irresistible glimpse at how classic films -- and box office bombs -- are made.

n Street Gang; the Complete History of Sesame Street, by Michael Davis. Street Gang traces the evolution of the show "Sesame Street," from its inspiration in the civil rights movement through its many ups and downs--from Nixon's trying to cut off its funding to the rise of Elmo -- via the remarkable personalities who have contributed to it.

Davis reveals how "Sesame Street" has taught millions of children not only their letters and numbers, but also cooperation and fair play, tolerance and self-respect, conflict resolution, and the importance of listening. This is the unforgettable story of five decades of social and cultural change and the miraculous creative efforts, passion, and commitment of the writers, producers, directors, animators, and puppeteers who created one of the most influential programs in the history of television.

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