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Hunt down a good book at the local library

Every fall many Minnesotans continue a long tradition...hunting!

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), hunting license sales have increased over the past decade. "In 2008, 557, 318 hunters purchased 610,303 deer hunting licenses, 95,711 duck stamps, and 123,327 pheasant stamps." (MN DNR)

These licenses generate millions of dollars of revenue annually, some of which goes toward conservation, that's not to mention the conservation dollars generated by hunting organizations like the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to name a few.

President Theodore Roosevelt said it best when he said, "The encouragement of a proper hunting spirit, a proper love of sport, instead of being incompatible with a love of nature and wild things, offers the best guaranty for their preservation."

Learning that proper hunting spirit, and love of sport President Roosevelt was talking about, can start at your library with books or magazines from our collection.

• Let's Go Hunting, by Suzanne Slade. This motivating children's book will inspire your students to head outdoors and experience the adventures of hunting.

• Deer Hunting (The Great Outdoors), by Randy Frahm. Spending a day in the stand or stalking, there's nothing like deer season for enthusiast. Check out the equipment and techniques of this most popular kind of big game hunting in Deer Hunting.

• If You Didn't Bring Jerky, What Did I Just Eat? by Bill Heavey. For nearly a decade, Bill Heavey, an outdoorsman marooned in suburbia, has written the "Sportsman's Life" column on the back page of Field & Stream, where he does for hunting and fishing what David Feherty does for golf and Lewis Grizzard did for the South. His work is adored by readers -- one proclaims him "the greatest sportswriter who has ever walked the planet" -- and his peers have recognized his work with three prestigious National Magazine Award nominations.

If You Didn't Bring Jerky, What Did I Just Eat? is the first collection of Heavey's hilarious observations on life as an enthusiastic (but often hapless) outdoorsman.

Whether he's hunting cougars in the southwest desert, scheming to make his five-year-old daughter fall in love with fishing, or chronicling his father's slow decline through the lens of the numerous dogs he's owned over seventy-five years, Heavey is a master at blending humor and pathos -- and wide-ranging outdoor enthusiasms -- into a poignant and potent stew.

Funny, warmhearted, and supremely entertaining, this book is an uproarious addition to the literature of the outdoors.

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