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Holiday gift ideas abound at Detroit Lakes Public Library

Wayne Barton, the world's most renowned chip carver, takes beginners through the basics of the art in his latest book, The Complete Guide to Chip Carving. It is one of many craft books available at the Detroit Lakes Library.

We've all heard the phrase "economic hard times" until we're sick to death of it! We've been trimming this, cutting that, and sucking in until we're blue in the face just to get by! Here's one area many of us don't have to alter, because we have already been giving handmade items for holiday gifts well before the downturn.

For some, creating holiday gifts has been a time-honored tradition in which to take pride. Your library can help you come up with the perfect ideas and patterns so you can get a jump on your holiday gift list. The following books are a few samples of those available to help you.

- Weaving Made Easy: 17 Projects Using a Simple Loom, by Liz Gipson. Weaving, one of the fastest ways to produce cloth, is thoroughly explained in this simple guide to the age-old craft. A perfect blend of ease and functionality, the small, portable rigid heddle loom can be used to easily produce loose, drape-friendly fabric as well as dense, sturdy material. Eighteen projects--for scarves, bags, belts, tops, and a bevy of household goodies such as pillows, rugs, and blankets--explore how to combine colors and create textured fabrics using a variety of techniques. Additional tips on adding crocheted edges, beaded fringe, and needle-felted flowers are also included.

- The Complete Guide to Chip Carving, by Wayne Barton. A beginner's guide from the world's most renowned chip carver! Wayne Barton -- author of Chip Carving and Art of Chip Carving -- presents what is unquestionably the finest guidance ever for the novice. He has been the driving force behind the craft's resurgence, and his technical knowledge, design skills, and ability to instruct remain unequalled. One by one, with the aid of color photographs, he covers tools and materials, the best woods, holding and sharpening chip carving knives, and laying out and transferring patterns. Borders, grids, rosettes, free-form design, positive image design, and lettering all receive separate, in-depth chapters, as does Barton's special, time-tested hints.

- Knitted Jackets: 20 Designs from Classic to Contemporary, by Cheryl Oberle. These 20 patterns, ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, take knitters on a world tour of coats, jackets, and wraps. Inspired by open-front garments and textiles from around the globe -- including Austria, England, Japan, Peru, and Norway -- these figure-flattering designs bring a contemporary edge to a variety of knitting traditions. Step-by-step instructions and copious photographs illustrate how to use standard stockinette, garter, and cable stitches. More advanced techniques for fanciful lace and colorwork and the history behind beach pattern is also included.

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