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Library can help you maximize winter fun

Measurable amounts of snowfall in October...was it an omen of what's to come?

According to Mark Seeley, author of Minnesota Weather Almanac, the answer is emphatically NO! "Measurable amounts of snowfall in October are not a predictor of an exceptionally snowy fall or winter season!" Seeley wrote. However, he also pointe out within the statistics, some extremely challenging winters in Minnesota that did begin with significant snowfalls in October.

Those winters are: 1880-1881 with 110 inches of snow, 1916-1917 with 84.9 inches of snow, and 1991-1992 with 84.1 inches of snow. So, those of you that love winter sports that require lots of snow -- there is hope! Now is the time to read up on all the tips and new techniques for those winter sports and pastimes.

• Let's Go Snowboarding, by Suzanne Slade. This motivating book will inspire young people to head outdoors and experience the adventures of snowboarding.

• A Hard-Water World: Ice Fishing and Why We Do It, by Greg Breining. To the uninitiated, ice fishing seems improbable, wacky, and dangerous. But every winter, more than 2 million hardy northerners go to their place on the lake: literally on the lake.

Striking storytelling photographs by Layne Kennedy and engaging essays by outdoor writer and fisherman Greg Breining capture the quirky world of ice fishing-its natural beauty and solitary subzero vigils, along with its oddball practices and practitioners.

Kennedy and Breining take readers to fun-filled if bizarre festivals that include "Guys on Ice" in Door County, Wisconsin, and the supremely self-mocking International Eelpout Festival on Minnesota's Leech Lake, which honors a slimy, potbellied, finny critter.

Photos offer peeks inside ice houses that range from a plastic-bag cocoon to an impossibly luxurious Adirondacks ice residence with front porch and wet bar. Travel to a frozen lake in the Boundary Waters, to ice cities that form and disband overnight, and to the Volga River near Moscow, shadowed by the KGB.

n Steep, by Sony Pictures. This DVD features the world's best skiers going beyond their dreams to conquer the steepest runs ever faced. From the sheer cliffs of Grand Teton, to the treachery of Chamonix France, to the untouched Alaskan peaks of Valdez, these 'extremers' sacrifice their lives for a thrill. This DVD also shows the magnificent peaks around the globe, including devastating avalanches and fatal spills.

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