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Gearing up for harvest time

Detroit Lakes Library is happy to present guest speaker, Janet Leitheiser, on Wednesday, July 20 from 3 to 4:30 p.m.

Janet has been in the greenhouse business for over 25 years, and will be speaking about the harvest side of gardening.

There will be time for a question and answer session after the presentation, so come and learn with us!

The Harvest Eating Cookbook: More Than 200 Recipes for Cooking Seasonal Local Ingredients by Keith Snow.

The Harvest Eating Cookbook is the manual for "harvest eating," and encourages the reader to use foods that are fresh and in-season, and to prepare them using whole, natural ingredients.

The more than 200 easy, delicious recipes are identified by season to emphasize the importance of buying fresh ingredients.

It includes a do-it-yourself chapter, called "Cookenomics," that provides the reader with easy-to-follow instructions for making some staples at home (such as sausage, ground beef, mayonnaise, pickles, yogurt, ice cream, and canned vegetables) in order to avoid the processed foods that fill our supermarkets today.

Includes a climactic zone chart that tells when certain foods are available in each region.

Harvesting Color: How to Find Plants and Make Natural Dyes by Amy Burgess.

Harvesting Color explains where to find these plants in the wild (and for those that can be grown in your backyard, how to nurture them) and the best time and way to harvest them; maps show the range of each plant in the United States and Canada.

For the dyeing itself, Burgess describes the simple equipment needed and provides a master dye recipe.

The book is organized seasonally; as an added bonus, each section contains a knitting project using wools colored with dyes from plants harvested during that time of the year.