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Danell Haspell: Conquer the digital world at your library

Trying to stay up with technology? Sometimes it feels like we’re just trying to keep from being left in the dust! When things don’t work right we turn in desperation to Google and then to YouTube, just hoping someone has put information or better yet, a how-to video clip on the internet. Before pulling your hair out come to the library, our collection includes reference materials to help you conquer the digital world.

“Android Apps for Absolute Beginners,” by Wallace Jackson.

Anybody can start building simple apps for the Android platform, and this book will show you how! Recently updated to include Android Jelly Bean, “Android Apps for Absolute Beginners, Second Edition” takes you through the process of getting your first Android apps up and running using plain English and practical examples.

This book cuts through the fog of jargon and mystery that surrounds Android apps development, and gives you simple, step-by-step instructions to get you started. 

“Windows 8 All-In-One for Dummies,” by Woody Leonhard.

Promising an updated user interface, new application to today’s mobile world, and increased connection to data and services that live in the cloud, Windows 8 will have new features and perks you’ll want to start using right away. And that’s where this bestselling guide comes in. With ten minibooks in one, it’s packed with information on all aspects of the OS. Take the guesswork out of Windows 8 from day one with this all-in-one resource.