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It’s Oktoberfest time in Frazee

Marie and the Boys will be one of two bands playing at this year’s Oktoberfest in Frazee, set for Sunday, Oct. 6. The Leon Olsen Band out of New Ulm will also be hitting the stage that day. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Ah, Oktoberfest.  It’s a time when the leaves are crunching under everyone’s feet, people are once again wearing sweaters and some of the best things ever derived from Germany are celebrated — beginning with German potato salad.

“It’s different than potato salad here because it’s served hot, and they make it using a lot of oils and vinegar — it’s kind of spicy,” said Carol Litzau, who is helping to host this year’s Oktoberfest in Frazee.

The 17th annual event is kicking off at high noon on Sunday, Oct. 6, in the Frazee Event Center.

Litzau and her husband, Norbert, are teaming up with fellow Frazee residents Dennis and Mary Kurth and Betty Boardman and are busy gearing up for the event that’s expected to pull in around 300 people.

“We have people standing outside to get in at 10 o’clock,” said Litzau, who says they will open the doors at 11 and will begin dishing out the German food right away. That potato salad is only the start.

“We’ll have sour kraut, brats … and we’ll have gouken,” said Litzau, explaining that gouken is German pie. “We’ll have peach and plum. Some people put an order in and take a whole pie home with them.”

For those a little less appreciative of German food, there will be some American food as well.

Oktoberfest, which is sponsored by the Frazee Area Community Club, has remained a popular event in town for several years.

“We get people coming from all over Minnesota, North Dakota and Canada,” said Litzau, who says a big draw for people is the entertainment.

The Leon Olsen Band out of New Ulm will be taking their talents to the event, breaking out their foot-tapping, knee-slapping, get-me-out-onto-the-dance-floor kind of music.

“Everybody always loves it,” said Litzau, “…the waltzes, the polkas, the two-steps, the butterfly…”

Another old-time band, Marie and the Boys, will also be showcasing their talents with such instruments as the accordion and tuba. 

Litzau says a new dance floor at the event center is sure going to get properly broken in at this event.

“From the second the first beat of the music sounds the floor is covered with people, and it’s still covered at 8 o’clock at night,” she said, adding that while the majority of the people who show up to the event is “older people,” Litzau says they’d love to get some younger folks in there to cut a rug.

“Even if they don’t know how to do the dances, I know there are people who are willing to show them,” she said, laughing.

Event planners are also busy decorating the event center, and we’re not talking a few little table props here.

“When people walk in the front door they will be greeted by people wearing full German outfits,” said Litzau. “The lederhosen, the ladies in white aprons…”

German flags and matching colors of streamers will be splashed around the event center with all sorts of festive decorations.

And for the thirsty dancers needing refreshments, a cash bar will be on-hand.

The Frazee VFW Color Guard will also be at the event to do a military salute to veterans, as the band plays a variety of the old, beloved military songs.

The cost of the event is $10 per person at the door; takeout orders for food will also be available. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more call 1-800-407-2488.