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Roses are red, violets are blue Rotary has great flowers for you

Breakfast Rotarians Mike Murphey, from left, Mary Rotter and Rick Michaelson are part of the crew gearing up for the 21st annual Roses for Rotary event, which begins Wednesday, Nov. 6. SUBMITTED PHOTO

There are few better ways to say “I love you,” “I like you,” “I appreciate your friendship” or “you are special to me” than giving them roses.

That’s why the Detroit Lakes Breakfast Rotary is gearing up to hold its 21st annual Roses for Rotary sale.

“This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year,” said Rotarian Mary Rotter, who says pre-sales are already going on for the event.

Roses will be in-house and up for grabs starting Wednesday, Nov. 6, in three different locations — DL Floral & Gifts inside the Washington Square Mall and Bergen’s on Willow Street and Jimmy’s Pizza/Zee Lanes on Main Street in Frazee.

Rotarians and their partners at the flower shops will be selling roses by the dozen for $20, which they say is an incredible discount.

And because there tends to be so many different reasons for giving somebody roses, there will be a variety of colors (and meanings behind them) to choose from — including red (romantic love), orange (passion or excitement), pink (admiration), yellow (friendship) and white (purity or remembrance).

“Some people will say, ‘I don’t know who I’d buy roses for,’ and so sometimes they’ll take them to a nursing home or to a business that maybe they think has an unsung hero,” said Rotter.  “It’s just a good way to really brighten someone’s day.”

Rotter says the timing of the roses sale has been the same for many years, bringing color and cheer to the chillier days. She also says it tends to work with a lot of local men preparing to leave for the Minnesota deer hunting season.

“Hunting is always a good reason, as many men are on their way out of town, along with the students performing in the school play, but both women, men, of all ages come out to support Roses for Rotary,” said Rotter.

Rotarians have ordered 650 dozen roses for the popular event, which sold out last year.

“So come as early during those three days as possible to get best choices,” said Rotter, who says the roses actually arrive on a truck very late Monday night.

“And so we (the Rotar-ians) all get together and bundle them, we cut them, put some baby’s breath in with them and get them all ready to go,” said Rotter, adding that pre-order tickets can be purchased by contacting any Breakfast Rotarian, DL Newspapers or Jimmy’s Pizza/Zee Lanes in Frazee.

Money raised during the Roses for Rotary event goes toward several youth literacy programs in the area, including the Imagination Library, Reach Out and Read at Essentia, Dollars for Scholars, QWERTY Robotics, the Math Counts Competition and for guided reading programs in the schools in Detroit Lakes, Audubon, Frazee, Naytahwaush and Osage.

“We helped give dictionaries to Holy Rosary last year,” said Rotter, who says schools will let them know what kind of books they are in need of and Rotary does it best to make that happen.

“We’ll help with guided reading libraries or a certain kind of genre of books to keep the literacy programs as current as possible,” said Rotter.

Val’s Floral & Gift and Bergen’s will be selling the roses from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6, through Friday, Nov. 9.

Although the $20 dozen roses do not come in an arrangement or vase, either flower shop will provide that for an additional charge.