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Holmes Theatre to host D3 date night in DL

The first ever D3 event is being held at the Holmes Theatre Friday, Feb. 21 for dads and their little girls who are growing up.

Many local fathers have the memory of dancing with their little girls during the annual Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Dance.

But what happens when those little sweethearts grow up and surpass the pink glitter and princess decor? Are there no more precious nights carved out just for daddy and his tween or teen?

Now there is.

For the first year ever, the same people who put on Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Dance are now preparing for what they call “D3” — dinner, dance and dad.

“We were hearing from some of the girls that have been to ‘Daddy’s’ that they were — with remorse — too old to go,” said Holmes Theatre Event and Outreach Director Becky Mitchell, “so we thought why can’t we have a little bit more grown up dance?”

D3 is set to take place at the Holmes Theatre in Detroit Lakes Friday, Feb. 21, from 6-9 p.m.

The event is designed for girls ages 11 to 16 and their dads, grandfathers, uncles or special friends.

“But I had a girl tell me she was 10 and wished she could go to it, and I did tell her…hey, we don’t check IDs at the door,” said Mitchell, who says if a 10-year-old or 17-year old wants to attend the event, they’re more than welcome.

Just like Daddy’s Little Sweetheart event, this one will also begin with a grand march in the ballroom.

“And we’ll still allow moms in there to take pictures, but then we boot them out,” said Mitchell, who says the young ladies and their dates will then sit down for a semi-formal dinner catered by La Barista.

“This is different from ‘Daddy’s’ because for that the dinner is just a buffet and not really a focus point of the evening,” said Mitchell. “But for this, we wanted to give them the opportunity to sit down and actually talk with their dates.”

Also different with the older girl event is the fact that organizers are bringing in a key-note speaker — Siri Freeh, who is Miss Minnesota 2012 and a Lake Park native.

“We think she’s a great choice because she has really strong family values, and she’s also very smart,” said Mitchell. “So I think she’s going to talk about what it’s like being a teenager and trying to balance doing the things mom and dad think you should do and also balancing becoming more independent at that age.”

There will also be a little etiquette lesson for the girls to help them become young ladies.

“We’ll probably have just some little things like a lesson on plates and fork placement and things like that they might want to know as they get a little bit older,” said Mitchell.

Following dinner is a dance that will not only feature pop culture music, but will also feature local dance instructor Mari Radke.

“She’ll be teaching the girls some basic dances like the two step and waltz — just a few dances where even if they’ve never taken a dance lesson, can bring them through their lives at things like wedding dances,” said Mitchell, who says there is no dress code for the event, but rather whatever the daughters and their dates feel comfortable in.

“Some come very dressed up in formal attire and others come in jeans and a nice top,” said Mitchell, who says she hopes D3 will be as popular as Daddy’s Little Sweetheart has become.

“I think it’s just that we have such busy lives, and I think that dads and daughters have a little different connection — just like moms and sons — and I think the girls just love having the attention of their dads all to themselves for a few hours,” she said.

An important difference from Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Dance, is that for D3, there will not be tickets available at the door — they must be purchased by Monday, Feb. 17.

“And that’s because it’s a sit-down dinner, so we have to know how much to order,” said Mitchell.

Tickets are $25 for dads, $25 for daughters.

They can be purchased by calling the theatre at 844-7469 or online at