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Kiwanis Club to host Illuminight 5k

Colorful masks and glow-in-the-dark jewelry were all part of the fun for last year’s Illuminight 5K in Fargo. The Detroit Lakes Illuminight event is set for this Saturday. SUBMITTED PHOTO

It is expected to be a 5K like no other in Detroit Lakes — one with a little extra pizzazz.

The Illuminight 5K, set for Saturday, June 21, is a nighttime run that is sure to get glowing reviews.

“As it starts to get dark, everyone will click on their glowing and LED things and get ready for the 5K,” said Kiwanis President Carrie Johnston.

The event is a fundraiser for the Detroit Lakes Kiwanis Club, which centers its mission around children’s programs.

This is the first year Illuminight 5K has been held in Detroit Lakes; it’s an idea Kiwanis Club members had when they saw “how cool” Fargo’s event was last year.

SoleMotion is the company that is putting on this event, with the help of Kiwanis volunteers.

And planners couldn’t have picked a better date to light up the night.

“June 21st is the first day of summer,” said Johnston, who says the event will start in Peoples Park, behind Zorbaz.

A pre-run party in the park starts at 8 p.m. with registration and music provided by a Y-94 DJ.

“Every person will get a glowing necklace and LED ring that’s really bright and flashing and a T-shirt with a glowing element to it,” said Johnston, who says the fun-run will be a chipped event, but not for competition.

In fact, she expects many people will be walking the event as well.

“We just want people to come out with friends and have a good time,” said Johnston, who says people are encouraged to wear anything that glows, blinks or shines.

Participants will take off from the park at 9:48 p.m. — exactly 20 minutes after sunset so that it’s nice and dark. The route will take the glowing runners from Peoples Park, down Rossman Avenue and along the beach where West Lake Drive will be closed to traffic.

Runners and walkers will go past the Pavilion and up to the Washington ballpark.

“From there, there will be a glow tent with black lights and great music that we’ll go through,” said Johnston.

“And then we’ll wrap around the ball field that will slowly become a quiet running area where there will be luminaries set up and it is just a quiet time to enjoy the night,” said Johnston.

The turnaround point will be at the high school track, where runners will re-trace their shining steps the way they came.

Johnston says despite the fact that it is dark, event coordinators take precautions to keep participants safe.

“We’ll have lights and people at every intersection and people manning the barricades for safety,” said Johnston, who says everyone will also be glowing.

The finish line will be set up at Peoples Park, where there will be a small post-run party including costume awards and more music.

“And then everyone is invited to Zorbaz afterwards for a DJ Glow party,” said Johnston. “They’ll have great DJ music and more glowing stuff, black lights and just a really fun atmosphere there for us.”

Johnston says they’re expecting roughly 300 to 400 participants for the event, which will help Kiwanis with its numerous donations to various area agencies that benefit children.

“We support things in DL and Frazee school districts with things like field trips and science fairs, QWERTY Robotics, the United Way Back Pack program, the crisis center, the Boys and Girls Club — everything having to do with children in the area,” said Johnston, who says the Kiwanis Club is going strong with approximately 90 members.

“But we’re always looking for more,” she said, adding that club members meet every Tuesday at noon at the Speak Easy.

Johnston says club members are excited about the Illuminight 5K because it’s something interesting and different.

People interested in participating can just walk up the evening of the event to register, but pre-registering online provides a price break and the guarantee of a T-shirt.

For more information, log on to or call Carrie Johnston at 218-841-0862.