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Hanks, McGregor families jam

Bud Mcgregor, from left, Kandi McGregor, Shane Hanks (on drums) and Romyn Hanks play at the Detroit Lakes VFW. Bud and Romyn, who play with bands of their own, were home for the Thanksgiving holiday last weekend and joined the Hanks family band on stage, which includes Bud's mother, Bobbie McGregor, and Romyn's father, Tom Hanks.

The Detroit Lakes VFW stage was packed with Hanks family members Saturday night.

Not only was it a time for the Hanks Band to get back together, but it was a chance for first cousins Romyn Hanks and Bud McGregor to also take the stage.

Hanks and McGregor are active musicians who play with bands, and both tried out for "Nashville Star" and won the eastern (Hanks) and western (McGregor) regional finals.

"We were pretty much on opposite ends. Would have been nice to meet in the middle," McGregor said.

Since then, Hanks has been playing Minnesota and North Dakota venues with October Road and Boomtown.

"They're popular regional bands."

McGregor has been playing to some Top 40 bands in the Phoenix area, where he lives.

Saturday though, the two musicians were focused on reuniting the Hanks Band.

"This is mainly a chance to get our families together. Some families go horseback riding or roller-skating -- we play," McGregor said.