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Cormorant Art Club donates $500 to LP-A art history project

AUDUBON -- Earlier this month Lake Park-Audubon Elementary School received an important gift that will help fulfill a dream and complete a project to honor the school's past and build excitement for our building projects.

Cormorant Area Art Club, represented by DeVaughn Kolke, presented the school with a check for $500 to help with the visual arts portion of our building history project. The check was accepted by Jim Hopkins, an LP-A fourth grade teacher and visual artist.

Lake Park-Audubon Elementary School is working on a project integrating local history, writing, and visual art. The project has been initiated due to the fact that our 1922 building in Audubon will be torn down next summer, and the students and staff desire to preserve the history connected to the building.

Former graduates who attended school in this building are being invited to the school to tell their stories and be interviewed by LP-A students. The students will write their stories and create visual art representations depicting historical events that took place in and around the old schools. The stories and works of art will be compiled into a history booklet for publication next spring.

A "History Day" is planned for next spring as well, and a presentation of the stories and art will be provided. The children will also create a mural, with the help of local artist Becky Mitchell, depicting the historical aspects of education in Audubon. Some of the visual arts pieces will be framed and displayed on a "history wall" in the elementary school building.

Jim Hopkins will be coordinating the visual arts portion of this project. Hopkins has a degree in visual arts, and is a valuable resource for our elementary school.

The staff would like to involve as many children as possible for participation in this project, and Hopkins will assign the visual art methods and media to be used by each grade level, from fourth through sixth grades. Acrylic paints and water colors will be used for visual art representations.

Clay tile projects will be incorporated in the historical mural we have planned. Kolke offered the help of some members of the Cormorant Area Art Club in helping present art techniques and teaching skills to the LP-A students.

Classroom art projects have already begun, and some examples have been included with this article. Two sixth grade classes have already had presentations from former graduates and have had an opportunity to interview them for the purpose of their writing projects.

Stories told so far range from favorite subjects, to lunch procedures, to a cow on the school building! The students of LP-A Elementary look forward to receiving more information on the history of the 1922 building. Four more days for "history presentations" and interviews in the fourth and fifth grade classrooms are being planned, throughout November, December, January and February.

LP-A Elementary students and staff sincerely thank DeVaughn Kolke and the entire Cormorant Area Art Club for their help in getting this project underway.

The district would be pleased to accept donations for the completion and publication of the school's "history booklet," or for any part of the project as described.