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A super sweet deal

If you listen carefully, you just might hear the distant sound of small motors starting up in the Detroit Lakes area.

Those are the many hand mixers and Kitchen Aids that are being started up in preparation of the 21st annual Holy Rosary Cookie Walk.

This year's event is happening Saturday, Dec. 10, from 8 to 11 a.m. in the Holy Rosary Parish Center.

For the past two decades, this event has proven to be a recipe for success for Holy Rosary, as the wide array of cookies and candies are spread out in trays in a way that's sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

"And what we do is we give people a box," said one of the event coordinators, Linda Schons, "and then they just walk around and pick out whatever they want, put them in their boxes, and then we weight them.

"We sell them by the pound."

Parish members bake up around 75 different varieties of cookies and candies for the event, including homemade caramel and divinity.

"People tend to bring their specialties every year -- whatever they're good at," said Schons.

"I have a group of ladies that get together, and we make up about a 1,000 sugar cookies and 700 peanut butter blossoms -- I don't know how many cookies we sell, but it's thousands."

Some talented (and patient) bakers will also be making some Scandinavian goodies like sandbakkels, rosettes and krumkake.

"Those are not being weighed, though," said Schons, adding that the time-intensive sweets are very light, "so we'll be selling those separately."

Some ladies of the Parish will also be on hand making fresh lefse, so those with a hankering for flat potato treat can get it hot off the iron.

"We'll also have some fresh-baked cinnamon rolls that we'll be baking up that morning with frosting," Schons said.

But sugary delights won't be the only up for sale, as a silent auction will also be set up with roughly 60 baskets.

"They'll have everything from a gingerbread boy basket, to nativity ones, to scarves and mittens and jewelry," said Schons, who said shoppers will find a variety of nice Christmas presents.

A new thing they're doing at the event this year is setting up prizes with individual drawings for each prize.

"So tickets are 50 cents each, and people can just put them in for whatever item they want," said Schons, who said they have some passes to the DLCCC, passes to swim at the AmericInn and some cash drawings.

Although the event goes until 11 a.m., the drawings and the silent auction wrap up at 10:30, which is when Schons said the cookies might also start to run a little low.

"A lot of people come early for this," she said, "because it's just a fun time when people can get lots of different varieties of cookies and candies -- they always make good Christmas presents."