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Big DLCCC fundraiser to be held on Jan. 21

The stage is set and the wheels are in motion for the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center's largest fundraiser of the year.

The 7th annual fundraiser, called "Motion," is set for Saturday, Jan. 21, in the ballroom.

With a "Rockin' Moroccan" theme, DLCCC Development Director Terry Haus expects the event to be breathtaking.

"I think what sets this fundraiser apart is the decorations," said Haus. "We've got 20 committee members, who are mostly ladies, and they are unbelievably talented -- they put their hearts and souls into this."

The artistically decorated Motion is a reflection of what the fundraiser is all about, as the money raised goes towards funding children's programming in the theatre.

"It goes towards things like Becky Mitchell going into the schools and doing mosaics or getting different theater groups in," said Haus.

"Rossman probably couldn't afford to bring in a major show, but if we host it in our place, we use money raised from Motion, and all the schools can come in for free or very that's pretty neat."

Haus says local businesses and people interested in the arts have come together to donate roughly $30,000 worth of items for the event.

Some of them will be auctioned off in both live and silent auctions that night, while some of them will be sold in the form of Gatherings to Go, or "G to G's."

"Basically people or businesses offer up opportunities for groups of people to buy participation into their activity," said Haus, who says participants sign up for all kinds of group dinners, ice fishing events, zip line opportunities, boat trips, a mystery theater and many more.

"It's a way to raise money and still keep people active in doing something together," he said.

Haus adds that there are activities and trips available for just about every age group or interest out there.

Up for grabs are also a few big-ticket items such as trips to Florida and Colorado.

Last year, the "black and white with a touch of color" theme saw 188 people come to support the arts, and event organizers are expecting this year to exceed that.

Tickets, which can be purchased at the door, at the Theatre or online, are $50.

There will also be a wine tasting set up for an additional $15.

Local band, The Shakers, will provide the entertainment, Bleachers will run the bar, while Central Market will provide a buffet and Spanky's will be passing around their delectables.

Haus says it's not a sit-down dinner, and that's the point -- to stay in motion and have a good time.

"It's just giving people the opportunity to meet other people while supporting a great cause," said Haus, who says keeping the theatre thriving is important for so many reasons.

"It's important economically," said Haus, who says the theatre brings in 22,000 to 26,000 people a year, and 40 percent of those people are from outside of a 20-mile radius.

"But aside from being good economically, it's just a great thing for people to experience," he said.

"I'm a sports guy, but I now recognize how important the arts teaches you to look at other sides of the fence, maybe how to treat gives you a different perspective."

To find out more information on Motion or to preview the auction items and G to G's, log on to, click on "upcoming shows and events," then "Motion."