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Summer Jam at the Shorewood

Vibes for the Tribes trio Brandon Flaa, Shea Volker and Ryan Engberg will perform their upbeat funk-reggae-rock- jams as part of Saturday’s musical celebration of all things summer at the Shorewood Pub. SUBMITTED PHOTO

A show celebrating music and summer — Summer Jam at the Shorewood 2014 — will rock the Shorewood Pub at 1743 Long Bridge Road from 9 p.m. to closing on Saturday, June 28.

The music will be provided by three hometown bands.

The 3rd Ears, Vibes for the Tribes and Hardwood Groove have all been lined up to perform.

The 3rd Ears proclaim to be “a self-taught trio of brothers-from-other-mothers” who share a passion to make positive rock & roll music to “feed the listeners in your mind.”

Isaac Olsen plays bass, Michael Leitheiser is the drummer, and Tyler Renney provides the guitar while all three share vocal duties.

Vibes for the Tribes also performs as a trio, creating upbeat jams in their funk-reggae-rock style which has been called “a kind of Allman Brothers meets Sublime” sound.

“With all the electronic dance music out there these days at festivals, we feel that the jam scene has a bit of a void for high-energy, guitar-driven songs,” said bassist, Ryan Engberg.

With that focus, fellow bandmates Brandon Flaa (lead vocals and guitar) and Shea Volker (drums and backup vocals) sing about living, partying and loving in the Lakes Area of central and northern Minnesota.

Hardwood Groove draws inspiration from many varieties of music as bluegrass, blues, folk, rock and funk all meet on stage for one electrifying show.

Roots-inspired songs are tied together with vocal harmonies and spiced up with a collaborative improvisational aspect.

Founding members Dan Thornby and Jacke Seelye started out as a mandolin, guitar and drum folk trio in the fall of 2009.

The band has since grown to add Keith Thornby on saxophone, Dustin Ellingson (of Inside-out Strings and the Carluster Krmplebee Orchestra) on bass and Ryand Stetson (of Go Murphy) on drums.

“All three bands have their roots right here in Detroit Lakes,” Engberg explained.

“Since the 10,000 Lakes Festival no longer exists, collectively we felt it was time to kind of bring back the spirit of 10K with three bands who share that musical spirit… many of these guys grew up together and learned how to play music together — right here in DL.

“We’ve sat on stage with each other, played some of the same festivals across the state over the last year, and helped each other out with last-minute equipment needs or with landing gigs.

“But, we have yet to play on the same day at the same venue here, at home. Well, that will change this Saturday night. And we promise to give the hometown folks a great show with Summer Jam at the Shorewood 2014.”