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Fergus Falls orchestra at Pine Point on Friday

The Pine Point School is sponsoring a special cultural event featuring the Fergus Falls Chamber Orchestra this Friday, March 27 at the school.

The Fergus Falls Chamber Orchestra program is part of the public schools system, and includes children from 4-12 grade, with over 240 students in the string section, including children from the home school and private school sector.

The Public School Chamber Orchestra will be playing a selection of classical and more modern pieces in an assembly at the Pine Point School, and there will also be a community feast and cultural presentation from the Pine Point community.

The event will begin at 11 a.m. with a blessing by Mike Swan, followed by a lunch featuring "Indian Tacos" with local organic buffalo meat, tomatoes and lettuce. The lunch is part of the Pine Point School's nationally recognized Farm to School Program. The Chamber Orchestra will perform from 12:15 to 1:15, followed by a cultural presentation and Family Fun Day workshops.

The event is a result of a recent Slow Food Dinner, held in Fergus Falls, featuring shared foods from the White Earth reservation (Chef Janice Chilton from the White Earth Land Recovery Project's Minwanjige Café) and food from local farmers in the Fergus Falls community.

The Chamber Orchestra also presented at this event.

Mark Solie, Chamber Orchestra conductor, told us he was, "thrilled and flattered by the request."

They plan on playing a "wide variety of flat out classical, some ethnic fiddle tunes, a couple of jazz standards, and some just plain silly stuff," he said.

Jason Lutsik, Pine Point principal is excited that, "students get to see something that they don't normally get exposed to."

"We're also pleased to have this social gathering of two groups of students, who might not meet otherwise," he added.