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10,000 Lakes music festival on hiatus

DETROIT LAKES -- The 10,000 Lakes Festival, a music and camping event that drew thousands to the Detroit Lakes area for seven summers, is on hiatus for the foreseeable future.

"At the end of the day, not enough people bought tickets," said Rand Levy, an owner and promoter of the festival that has been held at the Soo Pass Ranch outside of Detroit Lakes.

Levy said the event is off for 2010 and at this point there are no plans to revive it later.

He added, however, that could change.

"If the opportunity is there to resurrect the show under a business model, I think that can work," said Levy, who said he will concentrate his efforts on WE Fest, another annual music festival of which he is part owner.

Levy said the 10,000 Lakes Festival was a musical success, but he said it wasn't able to build upon early financial gains.

"After seven years, you either build a big enough audience that you can surmount your mistakes, or you don't," he said.

Levy said part of the problem was the start-up of several competing festivals around the country that stole audience from the Minnesota venue.

"It's a down economy and a highly competitive environment," said Levy, who thanked the many people who did patronize the multi-genre music event.

"We want you to know we have heard your voices ... and the 10,000 Lakes Festival wants to deeply thank all of our fans, artists and attendees for seven amazing years at Soo Pass Ranch," Levy said.

Rose Presents, a principal partner in the 10,000 Lakes Festival, said the festival Web site at will remain online to "relive memories, photos, etc."