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Leather and Leavez Motorcycle Rally revvs up riders

Area bikers are getting all revved up for the fourth annual Leather & Leaves Motorcycle Rally.

The ride is a collaboration between Zorbaz and the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center to raise money for the children's art program.

The event kicks into gear on Sept. 17 at 10 a.m. with a pancake breakfast.

"That's also what time registration begins," said Terry Haus of the DLCCC, "so while some of them ride in early for that, we have Country Kitchen come in and get them a good breakfast before heading out."

The breakfast is at the DLCCC Senior Nutrition Center and is a free-will donation.

At noon, the road trip begins.

"We'll have the national anthem, everybody will start their engines and hit the road," said Haus, who adds that because of the sheer number of riders (last year there were over 100) the police department will stop traffic both on Summit Avenue and on Highway 10 so that the riders can get safely out of town.

First stop...Little Pine Zorbaz just outside of Perham.

"The route is mapped out so that the riders stop at different Zorbaz Restaurants," said Haus, "which I think is a great route, and they're (Zorbaz) fun places for the riders to hang out at."

Riders will receive free chips and salsa at each stop, as well the opportunity to participate in 50/50 raffles.

From Little Pine, it's back on the bikes for a trek over to the Ottertail Zorbaz.

"We'll stay there for about an hour and a half because that's about the time when people are going to want to eat," said Haus.

Around 3 p.m., the crew will depart for the Pelican Lake Zorbaz -- the longest of the stretches, at about an hour and 15 minutes.

"It's such a pretty ride, especially this time of year," said Haus. "You see a little bit of everything -- the trees, the small marshes, a lake here or there -- it's really a unique ride."

Haus says around 4:45 p.m., bikers will head back towards Detroit Lakes, where they'll end up at Zorbaz with a $5 voucher and a bunch of riding buddies.

"I know they all have a really good time, and it's for such a good cause," said Haus. "It's neat because we're reaching a whole different crowd than from what might typically support the theater."

Haus says the children's art program at the DLCCC has become incredibly successful over the years, and it's events like this that make it possible.

"We've been able to reach thousands of kids through this program, and that's where the money is going," said Haus.

The cost to register for Leather and Leavez is $20 for drivers and $15 for riders.

Haus says judging from pre-registration, there could be an even bigger crowd than last year, but it all depends on the weather.

"Some hard-core riders will show up and ride rain or shine, but a lot of them will wait until that day to see how the weather is."

To register for the event, download a form online at or call the Box Office at 218-844-7469.