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'World's best tribute to young Elvis' comes to Detroit Lakes Saturday

Submitted photo Musician Travis LeDoyt brings his Elvis tribute, "Christmas with the King," to the Holmes Theatre this Saturday, Dec. 3 at 7:30 p.m.

The Historic Holmes Theatre is proud to announce that Travis LeDoyt is bringing his "Christmas with the King" show to Detroit Lakes on Saturday, Dec. 3. This 7:30 p.m. performance will include some of Elvis' greatest hits from his early years, plus traditional and modern holiday favorites.

LeDoyt flawlessly captures the essence of Elvis in his prime, and restricts his shows to the hits and ambience of 1954-64. Utilizing a three-piece band featuring guitar, bass, and drums, Travis takes his audience back to the fun and excitement of an early 1960s Elvis concert. For those who missed seeing an Elvis concert during those years, it is a chance to relive the excitement and aura of an Elvis show and the fun and energy experienced by the audiences.

Growing up, LeDoyt was exposed to a broad variety of musical styles, from Country to Swing, to Rock & Roll, as well as Classical. His fascination with music and instruments led to formal piano lessons at the age of 9. Before long, Travis was writing his own songs. Over the years, Travis LeDoyt has developed into a truly remarkable talent; singer, performer, songwriter, and musician (piano, keyboard, guitar), but most of all he is fast becoming one of America's most convincing, jaw-dropping tribute acts to ever grace the stage.

Although not an immediate fan of Elvis, as LeDoyt got to know more about the man and his music, he came to understand why Elvis was dubbed and will forever be known as "The King of Rock & Roll." Particularly appealing to him were Elvis' early years, the Sun recordings, a time when a kid out of nowhere became a legend, not only for his music but for his generosity, his humility, his desire to be an individual whom his peers would not only admire... but respect. It is with the utmost admiration and respect for Elvis that Travis LeDoyt offers his tribute to the man who shaped a generation. Born in 1977, the year Elvis died, LeDoyt never had the opportunity to see the King perform. Through his remarkable resemblance and his incredible talent to emulate to perform the voice and style, Travis flawlessly captures the essence of Elvis in his prime. The reincarnation witnessed through his dynamic show is truly spectacular and offers those who never saw the King, the next best thing.

Sponsored by Foltz Trucking, "Christmas with the King begins at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 3 on the main stage of the Holmes Theatre. Tickets can be reserved by calling 218-844-SHOW or visiting the webiste, (where you can reserve your seat via an interactive map), at a cost of $27 for adults, $13.50 for students. Tickets will also be available at the door before the show. The Historic Holmes Theatre is located at 806 Summit Ave. in Detroit Lakes.