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Veterans Museum to present play about Mary Todd Lincoln on April 25

Area actress Mary Harrison will portray Mary Todd Lincoln in Perham April 25.

PERHAM - Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous of all Americans. He is perhaps one of the most famous men in the world.

But if you asked someone on the street about his wife, you would probably get a blank stare, followed by, "I don't remember her name, but wasn't she a real shrew?"

This year celebrates the bicentennial of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. The In Their Own Words Veterans Museum will be presenting a one woman show April 25.

Lincoln himself is widely regarded as one of the greatest presidents of the United States but his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, is an enigma to most people.

"Pass My Imperfections Lightly By" is a drama written by Vaughn McBride about Mary Todd Lincoln that shows the many facets of her complex personality. Her awareness of the political pulse of this country was instrumental in the election of her husband as president. Her ego-driven idea of what the leader of a nation should be changed the White House from a "countrified plantation" into a figurehead residence fit for a president. She was an emancipated woman long before her husband began the emancipation of another minority.

For all her faults, Mary Todd Lincoln was a woman who insisted that her voice be heard.

The play, "Pass My Imperfections Lightly By" written by Vaughn McBride is a dramatic examination of a unique personality.

Mary Harrison is an actress who has performed regularly for many years. Since moving to Sebeka, Minnesota she has performed with the Long Lake Theatre and Mad Hatters. Her performance of Mary Todd Lincoln is both compelling and riveting.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door.

For more information call 218-346-7676 or visit