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North Country Trail site for guided hikes

Beth Trout of Hackensack is taking a hike this spring.

It’s more accurate to say that she will take 19 hikes, each five miles or more in length. She will start hiking at the center of Itasca State Park and hike east along the North Country Trail until she reaches Highway 6, north east of Remer, a distance of 105 miles.

Beth was a young mother when she first heard of cross-country hiking, as in 25-miles in a day as championed during the Kennedy administration. She’s seen true through hikers on the North Country Trail and other national scenic trails who have walked twenty-five and more miles a day.

She has never tried a 25-miler. As a hiker she’s somewhere between the 25 miler and the out-to-the-mailbox-and-back walker.

Beth will begin hiking on Monday, June 13, at 9 a.m. She will hike on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, then Friday and Saturday of each week until she completes the route in mid-June. Beth will be measuring the distances covered using a measuring wheel. 

Any person who wants to join the hike should search the Internet for ‘Paul Bunyan chip hikers walker.’ This retrieves the Meet-up web site that has directions to the daily starting points and other information. Hikers can also find the details for each hike by calling 218-675-5448 the afternoon before the hike. If it’s raining at the starting time, the day’s hike will be postponed until the following hiking day.

If you have cabin fever or even spring fever; if you’d like to watch for the signs of spring in the forest on a day-by-day basis, this hike may be the opportunity you have been looking for. Observations and distances measured on this hike may be used in the Trail Guide which the Itasca Moraine Chapter is publishing this summer.