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Letter: Same sex marriage will be Roe v. Wade two

It is now believed to be quite inevitable that the U.S. Supreme Court will soon impose so-called “same-sex marriage” upon the whole nation. This ruling will become like Roe v. Wade No. 2. In 42 plus years, Roe v. Wade No. 1 has moved light-years distant from achieving any sense of “settled” acceptance in our land. “Roe v. Wade No. 2” will be the same story of unending conflict.

We must understand that the political agendas of both abortion and homosexuality come from the presumptuous, self-serving politics of the here-and-now temporal order on earth. The opposition to these agendas comes from the active moral conscience of the nation which is rooted in the moral imperatives of the eternal order of a Sovereign God’s order of creation.

It is in the creative genius of this Sovereign God that every human creature has a conscience which speaks of the rightness or wrongness of things. This conscience defines the “moral imperatives” as spoken of above. Both abortion and the homosexual lifestyle are a violation of the natural law as we may know it in these moral imperatives.

Every human person has the free choice to either listen to the voice of conscience and be obedient thereto, or to seek to suppress this voice. But the choice to suppress can never be 100 percent absolutely, total. We may observe the increasing intensity of the homosexual agenda to retaliate against all messages (from whoever/wherever) that are not in acceptance and support for the homosexual lifestyle. This strategy of hostile retaliation is evidence of a disturbed and unsettled conscience for the homosexual agenda. The option “to live and let live” is not allowed for them. These citizens live under the treacherous illusion that if they can just achieve total suppression of all messages of non-acceptance, their conscience will then be at peace. This will not happen.

One very strong message of non-acceptance is the honor and purpose being accorded to traditional one woman/one man marriage open to bearing children. So-called “same-sex marriage” is a slick strategy to drive traditional marriage into total meaninglessness (ie destroy it from within) and thereby setting a cultural condition that accepts any kind of sexual encounter with whoever and whenever and wherever and for whatever purpose. And all will be just fine in this unrestrained order of things. The concept of self-restraint and self-control can then be declared to be non-existent. This will be the perfect storm for a deadly form of sexual chaos.

Another very strong message of non-acceptance comes from biblical teachings as presented to the culture by our nation’s long tradition of religious freedom which is guaranteed under the First Amendment of our U. S. Constitution. And, like the message of non-acceptance from traditional marriage, the homosexual agenda knows that it must also destroy religious freedom. It is like the truth we speak from biblical teachings has now been declared to be the “new hate speech” and there are laws against “hate speech.”

Plus all this, we are now seeing a sophistication of language. In response to claims of moral opposition to homosexuality, things are now becoming framed in the language of “being discriminated against” for what they want to do. You can bet that rapists and pedophiles and child abusers and kidnappers and bullies-in-general will soon pick up on the logic of this claim of being discriminated against. “Shut your mouth about your moral concerns; nothing is wrong! You must stop your discrimination against what I want to do!”

The fact of the homosexual agenda being intent upon all this self-serving destruction of traditional moral, religious, and common-sense values in our land is a very strong indicator that the homosexual lifestyle is simply wrong in the face of the “eternal order” of things. Yes, the popular culture of the temporal order can be slickly manipulated into total acceptance of the homosexual agenda, but this intent to manipulate things will not happen when the homosexual agenda meets the eternal order.

It is a truth from the eternal order that eventually we all must “place our bets.” The renowned French physicist/mathematician/philosopher, Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) stated, “If you bet that there is a Living God that reigns through all eternity, but in final reality there is no such God, you have lost nothing in your bet; but if you bet that there is no such Living God and you lose this bet, you have lost for all eternity.” Place your bet. — Donald Tobkin, Detroit Lakes