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Thanks for election support

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all who supported me in the Tuesday election. I thank the many people who opened their doors to shake hands and visit about the issues. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and hearing your concerns.

To those who attended the meeting, I thank you for taking the time and hanging in there when the meeting moved into its third hour. It was the longest meeting that I can recall. Your voice was loud and clear at this meeting that you are looking for this board to take a new direction with its spending pattern. Your voice has been heard that you want the style of the way meetings are conducted to change. Your voice has been heard that you want complete and accurate information.

I plan to put my best foot forward to bring back transparency to Burlington Township and to make the board available to hear the concerns of individuals. If you would like to discuss any issue please call me at 218-847-6839. I again thank you for your support.