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Boater disrupts Lodge on Lake wedding

Hi. My wife and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding this past weekend at The Lodge on the Lake.

It was a beautiful setting for a fall wedding. The sun was shining nicely, as it warmed to 80 degrees in September! The setting was nice, with the lake nearly perfect, as there was little wind and shade actually felt good. The geese on the lake floated by prior to the wedding, and it was perfect.

There were really only a couple of glitches -- and they weren't by the Lodge or the wedding party, but some jerk who felt it was important to buzz back and forth several times within 100 yards of shore while the wedding was taking place!

He must have felt that the people, all dressed up on the shore, were there to watch him pull a couple of kids on the tube for a half hour! I write this so that he knows that he did have several people upset.

Detroit is a huge lake, and he could have done what he did anywhere else on the other 99 percent of the lake.

So I hope you feel great about your mistimed and misplaced entertainment (of yourself) and would hope that you would have some consideration for the people nice enough to have their wedding in your town in the future.

The reception at the Holmes was great and what a great statement by your city in the restoring that complex.