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David Collins will help keep Minnesota strong

I am a recently retired Dean of Academic and Student Affairs from M State Detroit Lakes campus. As such, I have had the opportunity to work closely with David Collins to bring post-secondary education, entrepreneurism and custom training to Park Rapids. As part of that collaborative working experience, I was able to see first hand the difference that David can make. David gets it and he get it done.

Even though I am a registered democrat, I am excited to support a candicate with David's philosophy. As taxpayers and citizens, we need to count on our legislators to vote on issues based on the issue -- not which party brought it to the table. I believe David understands this and will exercise common sense and what is best for all as he works with his fellow legislators to help solve the serious problems that Minnesotans face.

Let's take advantage of this newly created legislative position to make sure that secondary and post-secondary education are funded at a level to keep us competitive globally. Let's make sure that our workforce continues to be trained and that the products we need are manufactured in the USA. Let's make sure that entreprenurial experiences remain reachable for our creative and innovative workers and thinkers. Let's see that a representative with David's experience, motivation and positive outcomes represent these and other important issues that are at the heart and soul of what makes Minnesota strong. -- Helene Hedlund, Detroit Lakes