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America needs Romney's, the rich's taxes

I have heard it said, "A person who has nothing to hide, hides nothing." In Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's case, in not releasing his past tax records, it seems this old saying may have some merit. I feel that hardly anyone begrudges him the fact that he has made a lot of money. It is how he made the money that some may question especially in the fact that businesses that were going bankrupt were taken over by his company and jobs sent overseas.

Also, it seems that our country is not benefitting from the taxes that could have helped our nation, by putting his money in off shore sites to avoid paying taxes. This is most likely a legal maneuver, but it sure doesn't help our country come out of this recession.

I feel that these two facts are linked hand in hand. Our country cannot come out of a recession as deep as this one is when jobs are overseas that could be here in this country and that people making over $250,000 could pay a higher tax rate than middle America because they have attorneys to help figure out all the loop-holes they can use to pay our government the very least they owe. As a middle American citizen, I do not have this luxury.

I realize that the middle class has many more people to pay taxes and this fact alone means that the U.S. treasury would gain more money than what would be obtained from the over $250,000 but at least the rich peoples money would make a dent. I, for one, am tired of the argument that raising taxes on the rich who create jobs would be hampered in this job creation. They have not had their taxes raised at all and as far as I can see have not created jobs or our nation would be in a lot better shape than it is. -- Carol Strache, Frazee